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If you made it to this website then you are extremely lucky as this is a life changing opportunity for you so read along to the end…

Nigeria is a country which has been tarnished on the online space but not withstanding the fact that there are legit hustlers who make decent income off the Internet. Due to the infamous reputation of the country on the Internet, Nigerians are been limited to a lot of things, one of which Payment processors are one.

Amidst all payment gateways ,one of which is the most popular International form of payment online is PayPal

I had never made a single penny, tried a lot of ponzi schemes (invest #1500 to get #5000 weekly) and the likes but at the long run, I always get scammed of my money at the end until i jumped into freelancing. 

Freelancing is sweet money if you know wahat you are doing


I did a lot of work and made money, even got some personal clients which i was never able to take their sweet offers due to payment issues, there was absolutely no way i could receive payment from foreign clients i work for as 98% would prefer to pay through PayPal until I found a way a few months back.

I was able to create a PayPal account for myself as a Nigerian, not just a PayPal account that sends out money and is used for shopping like the regular Nigerian PayPal account but one which receives and also allows me withdraw my funds directly into my Nigerian bank account.

As an Internet business expert, i have also deviced method of which I earn more through PayPal which i will be exposing here...



PayPal granted access to Nigerians around 2014 giving Nigerians an opportunity to use it's payment processor but did not roll out the full function of its services to Nigeria. Nigerians are still limited to the full functionality that comes with PayPal where there are certain restrictions on receiving money and sending from a Nigerian PayPal account.

As a Nigerian who works online, the tenancy of needing a PayPal account becomes high as to receive international payments from foreign countries would be a bit difficult without a functioning PayPal account which can send and RECEIVE.

Either you are into e-commerce, freelancing, information marketing, dropshipping, or run a business online, you would definitely need a PayPal to accept international payments from your clients outside Nigeria for smooth transactions online.

If you are not into any of these businesses online, you can also make money from this.


Have you ever lost a promising offer(s) due to Payment issues accepted by your client(s)?

If you have, you know the pain of hustling online without getting to cash out your money. After a brain strenuous activity has been done to complete a job for a client then payment method becomes a problem as most foreign client/companies would prefer PayPal to any other payment processor.

Though PayPal already launched in Nigeria but limits Nigerians to only sending money and shopping online.

What if I told you, you can operate a fully functional PayPal account here in Nigeria, would you believe?

Yes, you can send and receive money from anywhere around the world in Nigeria.

Read on… I will be showing you how...

That is a screenshot of payment received from FIVERR into my PayPal account.

The above screenshot is my PayPal account which i use in receiving, sending and withdrawing funds from my PayPal account here in Nigeria.

Aside receiving and sending funds with a PayPal account, what other ways can you earn money with PayPal?

As the Internet grows everyday, there are thousands of people jumping into online businesses and making money online. To make decent money from Nigeria on the Internet, you have to earn in dollars which means there are a lot of people just like yourself who needs a PayPal account which they can receive money into and would pay to have an account.

You can charge from  #2000-#5000 to open a fully functional PayPal account same way I charge people.

This potential skill makes me over #300k monthly just by creating PayPal accounts for people.


Check out some of the accounts I have created for people charging #3000 per person.

How much can I make approving PayPal accounts for people?

At this point, I will need to ask you to pull out a calculator. Let us do the calculations together.

At a fee of #3000 per PayPal account, creating 3 accounts daily for people would make you #9000 daily.

#9000 x 7days= #63,000 weekly earning

#9000 x 30days= #??? monthly earnings

Punch that into your calculator and derive the figures. #270k sounds like sweet money, right?

That is one of the my top earning secret which will be revealed to you soon.

That is just a tip of the Iceberg…  Don't back out now, keep reading...

There are also people who work online that feels having a PayPal account is not necessary but still want to receive payment, you can as well buy PayPal funds and make money off it. 


After creating a functioning PayPal account for yourself, you would have the ability to withdraw funds directly into your bank account at the current CBN dollar rate. As at the time of this writing, $1 is valued at #385.

A person wants to use your PayPal account to receive payment of $1000, you buy this fund at #300/$ from such person and make #85 profit off the $1000.

I hope you have not dropped your calculated yet?

Now let us calculate again:

$1000 x #300= #300,000 (AMOUNT YOU ARE PAYING THE SELLER)

$1000 x #85= #85000 (YOUR PROFIT) 

Sounds cool, right? 

You do not have the full picture yet though. That is just for a single transaction from one person, imagine buying 5x that daily/weekly.

That is a whopping sum of #85000 x 5= #340,000 profit. 

You could be wondering:

I don't have money to pay, where do I get money to pay people instantly?

Once funds appears in your PayPal balance, withdrawal is completed within 5mins. That is enough time to pay for the funds and keep your sweet profit.

Do I need a Laptop to do it? 

No, you do not need a Laptop, you can do everthing on your Smartphone as far as it can connect to the Internet.

Now you have an Insight of how i generate revenue for myself with my PayPal account, I'm certain you would not want to miss out on this offer to start making Money by doing exactly what I do every day.

Now the part you have been waiting for. How to get the information on how to create a verified Nigerian PayPal that sends and receives money from anywhere in the world...


I have packaged a detailed step by step guide with pictures and video tutorials on creating a Nigerian PayPal account which can send and receive money from anywhere in the world in a PDF format readable by any device or computer.

This ebook contains detailed explanation on:

How to create a verified Nigerian PayPal account that sends and receives money globally

How to withdraw PayPal funds directly into your local Nigerian bank account.

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