The high ROI Investment most Nigerians don't know about

Sometimes back in 2020, I made an astounding discovery about a profitable investment that many Nigerians are not fully aware of.
The discovery came as I was browsing through my WhatsApp status and fortunately for me I came across a post.   I noticed it was about making money online leveraging on the blockchain network.

How he made money was earning rewards or ROI on his money, a percentage much more higher than keeping money lifeless in the bank.

So I wanted to know what it was all about since the class was a FREE class then.  I attended the class and got to understand It was about a new niche in the cryptocurrencies space, the profit margin was mostly 100x your investment capital, I had to calm down to understand how it works.
In my discovery, I realized this new niche was called Decentralized Finance or DEFI for short.

I decided to give it a try and joined one of those staking pools with the sum of #50,000 to see how it goes, I was astonished to have made over 40 percent my Initial Capital in less than a month only from staking.
My #50,000 already became over #70,000 in less than a month

Think about that.
How many businesses can you start with N50,000 and make N50,000 pure profits in less than a month? 

What Is It All About?

Decentralized Finance in a lame man’s language is more of taking out the middle men in the financial
Institutions.   What this means is simply bringing the offline financial Institutions to the blockchain technology.

Talking about middle men, these refer to the Government, Central Bank and the Commercial banks themselves.
Most people already know these middlemen have been cajoling away our money in forms of charges, stamp duty, SMS charge and other ridiculous fees that were hidden to the customer as at the time of opening an account.

DEFI sets to take away that power off these middlemen and hand it over to the people, in other words, you become your own banker and your own bank.
What this means is you decide where and what happens to your money and the percentage you desire to get on your savings or foxed deposit without the Intervention of anyone knowing who you are and how much money you have. (Anonymity)

In DEFI, there are several ways to make money and some of these ways are:

1. Staking: Staking is more like the regular savings account you have in the offline space but over here, you can checkout different pools (commercial banks) and decide which of the pools you intend to join and the ROI you get for joining such pools.

In Nigeria today, the highest Interest per year on a savings account is 3-4% of your money, that is without including the charges for being a customer.

In DEFI, you can get as much ROI as this:

So since I wasn’t so familiar with this business model back then, I decided to try out a pool with  about $200 to see how it  works, which turned out quite well leaving it in there for over a month and coming back to profits of over 30% doing absolutely nothing.
Just putting my money to work for me while I relax and watch.

If you examine the first screenshot above, you would see “WIN EARNED” at the top of the image, in staking, you earn a new coin while you put your cryptocurrency in a pool. So in the pool above, you stake $CAKE and in turn earn $WIN.

So let’s take this example: 
Let’s assume On 10th June 2021, 1 $WIN = $5 and then on the 20th of June, the price of 1 $WIN increases to $9
You joined the above pool and have earned about 20 $WIN which would be worth $100 as at 10th of June 2021 but you left it in the pool till on the 20th of June.  What this means is your $WIN that was worth $100 would now be worth  $180. 

What just happened there is what is known as Impermanent profit. The moment you take your profit, it becomes yours.

2. Yield Farming: Yield farming, also referred to as liquidity mining, is a way to generate rewards with cryptocurrency holdings. In simple terms, it means locking up cryptocurrencies and getting rewards. 

In respect to this, like I said earlier you become your own bank, this is the 
part where you decide as a bank, where you want lock your money, lend your money and receive rewards for doing so.

As a newbie, I wanted to put my money to work in all possible ways I could through this new system I found, I locked in $100 to test yield farming to know how it works, as always I check back after a month to see the Increase in profit, coming back after a month to see a profit of over 35%, that’s a whooping extra sum of over $35 extra profit. I wished I had put more than a $100 the  previous month sha.

The captivating part of this is you have the ability to take out your money anytime and any day.

There are a variety of ways to make money from the DEFI space as the space is still New and there are new innovations coming into the space every day so the earlier you get familiar with the space, the better.

Can I incur losses in DEFI?

Cryptocurrencies are volatile market which goes up and down, on DEFI the only way you can make losses is when you take out your money from a pool or a yield farm when the price of the crypto is lesser than when you joined that pull.

Let’s say 1 BNB = $200 on the 7th of July 2021 and you joined, staked your BNB, 
and on the 30th of July BNB went down to a price of 1BNB = $180.
You only fall into losses when the take out your money from the pool, the volatility of the price does not in any way affect your earnings from that pool.

You keep earning and earning.

As you can see, this business is not for broke people as the potentials are limitless and never ending.
Just like any earning opportunity, you need to pay the price of learning before earning unless you love throwing money in the trash, you should have a minimum of N50,000 to get started with the learning process.
The amount you decide to put in afterwards into making money from the space solely depends on you.

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